11 November, 2013

Tree Bikes Trip

if i could've got sponsered by anyone i'd definitely pick tree

30 October, 2013

interesting concept

It is interesting to see how people can loosen up so quickly. Also that field camera is amazing.
This site is the other half of my brain, the side that wants to drop everything, travel, and ride bikes. The logical half tells me that’s a stupid idea and has decided upon the Hanging Out site to be the valve that relieves the pressure of the irrational whims. This might sound crazy or something and probably is but you’re reading it too. Also I’m sorry I dragged you into this.

28 October, 2013

Markit zero

So good. Buy the video from your local shop or on iTunes. Support bmx videos. 

26 October, 2013

23 October, 2013



brigantine, a set on Flickr.

From a spring day around the island. Don't tell Mike Jones I was on his island since I don't live there.

Web video of the year

 Well probably not but this is so sick. Hail Jack Birtles!

A cool video I missed

 Courtesy of United and Four Down

21 October, 2013


BellsJaguarPhillysideFDR Wednesdays

temple/Philly, a set on Flickr.

Like I said, I've moved to Philly for school. I've still been riding and hngnout too. Most of the pics will end up in this set on flickr. Check it or follow my
instagram @shaggy____
twitter @hewassleep

Actually follow all of it and keep hngnout

19 October, 2013

So there was a "jam" at FDR today

For me it consisted to being drunk at 11am and taking bad pictures of dudes shredding the bowl and later almost getting in a fight with some bitch ass skater. Fuck em.